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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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and 3l. okay thank you. >> so i'm sorry. that was 3j, 3k. >> and 3l. >> okay. all right. role call will take place under item o superintendent proposal, the approval of a plan for the 2013-2014 school year. this was moved and seconded at altjanuary 8 meeting. commissioner fewer do you have a report from the committee of the whole? >> no, i do not actually. we had great discussions and if board members will review the packet i believe all the answers that were proposed to staff have been answered. is there any questions that -- follow up questions from the questions
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you asked, so if you look inside the folder on prop h you will see that -- and i believe we have mr. armchair here that answered the questions for us and i believe all the questions were answered in detail here. this was the follow up to the meeting, the commissioner -- the committee of the whole. >> i believe there were questions posed at that meeting and adequately answered in this memo. >> yes commissioner wynns. >> i'm not certain if this is the time to ask this question. i mean it is related to the question asked at the last meeting and the memo, and that's
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-- and i don't have them here, but the developments that occurred today. i got a text message or email from deputy superintendent lee. is that in there? we had talked about -- i had talked to the deputy superintendent about including something in the spending plan or in its cover letter or something that would be clear about the -- that we intended to -- a plan that would include spending of the money, the entire amount with the trigger not pulled so i appreciate we've gotten now a memo that says here a process we're going to use, but i don't know, and maybe you have it and i don't because i'm
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not there, something that makes it clear in the plan that we're giving them now which i think it should. >> mr. lee -- superintendent, do you want to address -- deputy superintendent. >> yes, just to share a little bit more information to what commissioner wynns is referring to. she did contact me i believe late afternoon on friday with a request or suggestion that at that -- especially at that time when it appeared unclear about whether the city was going to appropriate the full amount of the public education enrichment fund that in the district materials that would be transmitted to the city, the mayor and the board of supervisors and the other city officials, that we would specify that -- we would make some sort of a statement that we would -- we expect full funding or
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appropriation from the city for 13-14 -- i actually haven't shared with this chris and kathy and part of that why is so because in the mayor's state of the city address yesterday he remarked about his intention to fully fund the public education enrichment fund and specified the amounts of funding that would be associated with the appropriation for 13-14 and i confirmed with the mayor's budget director one-on-one just to make sure we were crystal clear about the intention. that that was the right interpretation and she confirmed it was so and we could share that information with our board members and stakeholders which is why you all received the email that you did this morning from dr. crawford, so based on that commissioner wynns i see your point that it may still be good to memorialize that in a
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cover letter to the city, and we can do that, but i think that the significance of that that took place between our conversation late friday and today was the confirmation from the city, the mayor and his budget director that the city -- at least in the mayor's proposed budget it will include full funding of it for next year. >> if i may? i entirely agree with that. i just think -- [applause] >> -- instead of giving a spending plan that is just silent and that action happening and that confirmation and acknowledge that and we're so please body that and immediately proceeding with planning for that and submitting as the memo says to us -- submitting to you the amendments or whatever we call it, revisions at such and such time
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and date, so as long as we can now confirm that in public and make a commitment to do that then i'm happy. >> okay. thank you. superintendent. >> yes. thank you president norton, and commissioners. in the email communication that we shared with the commissioners this morning we do propose a timeline for consideration of this additional funding, and again we want to involve the board as a whole in that discussion, so that we have a process that the board is comfortable with, and signs off on, and that's included in the email. we will share that with the public as soon as we have an opportunity to discuss that with the board as well. >> thank you superintendent. did you have -- is the presentation on this that you're doing or is this for something else? you don't have a presentation for us; right? >> (inaudible). >> oh it's something else.
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hopefully we didn't need a presentation. any other comments or questions from the board? all right. roll call. >> ms. wong. >> yes. >> thank you. ms. feweer. >> yes. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> ms. maufas. >> yes. >> dr. murase. >> yes. >> ms. wynns. >> i'm sorry. did you hear me? i said aye. >> ms. norton. >> yes. >> seven aye's. >> all right. item i board members proposals. there are none tonight and it's everybody's favorite part of the meeting. item j, request to speak for general matters. i have a number of cards. i'm going to read your name. i tried to group them by -- there are some groups here tonight.
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first card eric smith when i believe just spoke out of turn but i'm not sure. was that mr. smith? okay. i don't believe there is another eric -- >> [inaudible] >> reverend smith. okay. eric smith doesn't seem to be getting to the podium. all right. (calling speakers). you will each have two minutes to speak. >> steve seldz swrer. we on a
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little out burst today about what is going on at martin luther king school and this board has covered up criminal activity from the staff of the school. he makes a joke about psychological testing and pearson to evaluate the students here in san francisco. pearson is under investigation for corruption in new york state and will be investigateed in california for corruption because you're spending more time on testing than taking care of the students particularly here at martin luther king. additionally this superintendent and the board is aware of the ongoing situation at martin luther king and the superintendent said there was no cover up and slander going on but the whistle blower said the principal laid on a student and injured as a result that was set up in a scheme to be fired by this management. they spent
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thousands of dollars of public money to fire him and the arbitrator could not go along with the lies and slanders against toby cane and rejected it and said he should be brought back to work. that is a victory for san francisco and the students at martin luther king. 17 staff 1021 and they of bullied out of the school. you talk about bullying and racism and it's right here at the martin luther king school and this board is oblivious to it and i have to say it's not going away and those people will be held accountable and that includes police charges and cet charges taking away their credentials and talking about the superintendent of middle schools and talking about the principal natalie -- >> sir, we do ask that you not name staff by name. your time
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-- >> i think the issues have to be addressed. >> your time is up. thank you. that's your time. >> [inaudible] >> okay. good evening. have you guys heard the scene what your thoughts become your words. your words become your actions. watch your habits and they become your character watch your character and it becomes your destiny. as i say that i come before you so many times i feel it's a habit. what is your purpose? do you care? this board's action allows so many people security, the secretaries, kuft toadians, teachers, counselors, most of all the students to experience so much pain and suffering. how
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can you allow one person to inflict so much pain on so many people? do you care? what is your purpose? do you sleep well at night? wow think about it. when you get your paycheck are you happy? the last time i said -- came here i said the naacp were at the school and someone being paid -- if it's not the naacp that is being paid through something for san francisco unified school district, so if everything is okay at mlk why is the naacp stationed there? why don't you guys do something? do the right thing. i'm not angry. i'm not. what i would like to see this board do the right thing before something happens. you lose your jobses how would you feel? how would you feel there is a major earthquake and you didn't have a job? it
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could happen. we are all the same. one god under the same -- i don't get it. i don't understand why you guys have all this education together. you guys can't get it right. put the degrees together. put the degrees aside. be a person. think about the children, their safety. you heard one person come in here screaming. do you care? two minutes? two minutes for what? all of the pain and suffering we experience everyday. think about the time -- >> please wrap disblup think about the pain and suffering we experience on a daily basis, not two minutes. think of the children. two minutes. think of the children. >> ma'am your time is up. next speaker please.
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>> [inaudible] >> next speaker please. >> hello. my name is brenda balls. i'm the seiu 1021 member and a chapter president of san francisco general and i am supporting one of our members, mr. lu. i think what was done to them and what was done to the security guard is terrible. it goes against everything that is union and this is a union town whether people like it or not. it is. and you can't abuse employees and there shouldn't be accepted from anybody including the school district and so the other issue they have that i got it in our contract about bullying is because bullying is a major problem for workers in san francisco and the school district does not exclusive of
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that. there are many employees that walk around in fear so i think you should be rewarding the employee, the whistle blowers that tell you the truth so you know what is really going on in the schools instead of trying to punish them. >> good evening. my name is nancy [inaudible] and i just like to come and say thank you superintendent carranza for sending four security guards on december 12 to martin luther king. they have been without a guard since october 31 i believe it was, and as we all know that friday was a tragedy when the shootings occurred in connecticut, so we are so
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thankful that you took a stand and sent those guards there for the safety of our children and our staff that are there, but the truth of the matter is they need protection from the administration, from the principal and assistant principal. please listen to our cries. i would like to thank the grandparent that came to the last school board meeting and brought her concerns here regarding martin luther king middle school. for the few short weeks she was there she has encountured various issued there with her grandson, so i like to thank ms. sand son for coming. i would like to also thank the ucef union, the witnesses, those that wrote
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letters on behalf of toby cane, to biascane and thank you that he can retain his position in the school district as a professional he is so thank you for that, and i just like to say although high test scores are important and crucial role in the principal's position not all principals are held to the same standards. i've known a few principals in middle schools that they weren't held accountable to the same standards as others, so we need to take a look at that, and in closing i would just like to say safety should be first and foremost along with quality education, quality and experienced staff. we can close the achievement gap and superintendent i like to work with you as i said before so
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please reach out to me. thank you. >> yes hi good afternoon. i am tory cane. i am a t10 security. i have been exonerated after going through a long process but i am sure you've heard all of the problems mlk and administrator stuff so i would like to move on. i want to move on with my life and these issues, and i would like to say they believe in the board of education. i believe in what it stands for and i also know that sometimes we get off on the wrong foot if things go wrong but we learn through those issues and i would like to just go forward from this point. things happened. okay. but as
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i'm standing here i think about security in the schools and we get such a bad rap because we're very low on the totem poll and called when we're needed and in essence we put on life on the line for students, our ourselves and the administration and staff. some years ago, long ago me and three other guards had a gun pointed at us and wanted to avenge something with his sister and do we let him on campus or held him at bay? fortunately it worked out and we held him at bay and was arrested a couple hours later and there are issues that we go through. there is a lot of violence with the kids and that needs to be addressed,
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the violence with the kids because they can't learn if there is all this dissension going on and i stand here to say that i just want to move on with the board of education, and all these issues and stuff. i'm glad to be going back to work, and i just would like to move this on. i am tired of hearing about me and these issues. >> all right. next i have dennis kelly. >> i haven't been called yet but i have two people that wanted to speak -- >> i'm sorry sir. i do have one. i am taken them in order how i received them. >> no. i am saying there were two other people that want to speak because they didn't have a chance to turn in because of the ceremony you were conducting they didn't bring them up so i would like them to be able to speak. >> we generally i will accept them but we do ask -- you don't
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disrupt the ceremony -- >> thank you. thank you. >> for future reference we ask that you turn in the speaker cards before the item is called. president kelly. >> thank you very much. and good evening members of the board, and our superintendent. even though our superintendent took off his 49er hat i still have my 49er tie on and i want to talk about that at the end. i said superintendent. i know how you're dressed. i appreciate it. i do want to see your under shirt? no, i don't and i don't want that to count against my time either. i would like to talk to you about three things but first of all i would like to take a moment since toby was up here and welcome him back. i think what he said about his confuse in the board of education is our confidence in the contract. >> >> and by using the contract we
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were able to work through this and come to a solution. i think that is something to celebrate and recognize. we're pleased to have toby back and we're sorry it took so long to do it. when carla bryant was up here talking about the eed celebration and have people come back who were site administrators and eed program administrative ors. throughout the years, throughout the past 40 years i have been involved in the union we have also had dynamic people worked for the union in the early education program, and i would just like to read into your record the names of some of the people who have been our representatives at that time and the kind of people i hope will be also invited to that. there is lois [inaudible]. lori chan. dan readerrion. richard benon and betty robinson hair scpis
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elaine merry weather and included as teachers and we hope they're included in the celebrations. the superintendent talked about the problem and the article in the newspaper. rti as far as the union is concerned a very promising and potentially very helpful program. that's underwear time -- i don't want to talk about his underwear and a very promising program. that had a terrible roll out especially in the middle schools. that was the problem. i think the universal screening part of it -- even pearson said it's not intended for middle school and shouldn't be in middle school. i think we need to learn from the failure of that part and move on to what can be a very successful program and finally with regard to the superintendent in baltimore not being responsive i want you to know that the president of the
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baltimore teacher's union, maryeta english accepted my offer that our coach is better than their coach and she is putting up crab and seasoning against ours and we are going to use one chocolate and not ghirardeli chocolate and perhaps some wine and we think it may go some distance to convince ms. english to relocate here but we look forward to have the 12 chesapeake crabs to share and apparently when they give you the seasoning you have to cook them yourself. thank you very much. >> barbara [inaudible] >> hi. thank you very much. i would like to say a few words about the certa communication handout they presented. it is a
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great tool in a non violated, non abusive environment, so for it to work you really have to have a much better word, a word in which the department of health and human services has all the. >> >> >> money they can spend and we can make some headway and we couldn't teach it without a team of psychologists and if we simply pass this information on to the teachers and counselors and can be taught to students on a one by one basis with problems of being abused or with problems of being abusive. i can testify it's worked for me and my sons. it's a primary agreement my partner and i had for our 27 year relationship. it promotes well being, intimate
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relationships and it provides personal growth process, and for those who are familiar with the psychology involved with the certa communication it will help those non non abusive to identify and avoid those that are, so -- i want to thank you for your ear and i know this isn't a great presentation as the non violent parenting one and should be done first and the presentation and can't be implemented for lack of funds. you have more important things and preventing violent and bringing back art and paying the teachers more richly so thank you so much. >> all right. now i have a number of cards from creativards. let's see. (calling speakers) your group
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has a choice. you may have two minutes per speaker like i gave the other individuals. if you would like to have an untimed presentation i can give you five minutes but you don't need to deal with the timer going off. >> [inaudible] >> okay. >> i didn't call your name yet. >> [inaudible] >> no. i didn't call your name. no. thank you. i will -- i have your card sir and i will call you. >> thank you. >> okay. hi board,
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superintendent. good evening. my son is a fifth grader at creative arts charter school and has attended there since kindergarten and i am here because of the proposal to move gateway at upon campus and next year and our campus is too small to fit the kids from gateway. it would mean over crowding the campus and 500 and with gateway there it would be over 600 the following year when we expand it will be 700 there are problems on parking, double parking in the area. i don't know if you travel that way in the morning but it's almost gridlock. also the following year after they move in one of the schools -- like i said there is not enough
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room and creative arts -- we have moved three times and all we're asking for is -- oh also not to mention we have uprooted because of the fire and lost our cafeteria and performance base and we're asking for some stability where we can continue to grow and our kids can be in a fostering community environment, and i guess that's about it. my two minutes are probably running out, and so instead a short term solution i ask that you guys put your brains together and come up with a long-term solution where we can be at our campus and my son can grate there in eighth grade. >> ma'am, could you state your name? >> sorry. my name is monica collins. thank you.